These two were made for each other: Meet the MINI Cowley Caravan

When you hear the brand name “BMW”, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Luxury? Style? Whatever you picture in your head, it can't be as cool as this BMW-MINI and its matching custom teardrop trailer.
I love custom models. I'm a unique sort of person, so it's natural that I'm drawn to the unusual. I think a lot of people are. You don't want just any run-of-the-mill sort of camper. No, you want something no one else has or ever will have.
This custom job is from a European company in Slovakia named Mini-Caravans. Their work is astoundingly beautiful. They've made sure to include a large solar panel for an eco-friendly way to power your trailer's appliances.
The kitchenette includes stainless steel appliances and a stone tile extension, as well as shelving above the counter. There's no word on whether that adorable bulldog plush toy comes with it or not.
I'm sensing that the bulldog may be the BMW's mascot. The entertainment comes with the full setup, including two large speakers, a flat-screen TV, and a control system that's easily within reach. There's also room in the cupboards for storing DVDs and other media.
Sleep soundly, even through the bright morning rays of sunshine, with the custom tinted windows. Nothing beats a good mattress, and this trailer looks like it has one that will let you sleep through just about anything.
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