This teardrop trailer is the perfect match for the rugged off-road camper – take a peek

Not that anyone is going off-road camping in the wintertime, but you need to be prepared for the opportunity when it comes. Going off the beaten path can be a rough experience. Most campers would take quite the beating due to debris, weather and harsh terrains.
You won't have that problem with the 2017 Little Guy Five Wide Rough Rider. With the Rough Rider, you have the assurance of coming home in the same condition you left in – well, the trailer will. All you'll have to do is give it a good washing to get the mud and dirt off, and then you're all set for your next camping trip.
The trailer has hatch doors on both sides for easy entry and exit, no matter what side of the road you park on. It also comes with a Yakima roof rack to fasten camping gear.
A metal screen cargo area mounted on the front is perfect for propane tanks, coolers and more.
Check out this sweet kitchenette! It has a very modern look to it, and you've got plenty of counter space around the sink and cooktop. The cupboards could be bigger, but given the cargo area on the front, you can store what you need in a larger cooler.
I love the amount of storage you get with the interior. There's space for installing an entertainment center, as well as storing clothing and other supplies.
Both the roof vent and A/C vents make sure there's plenty of fresh air rolling through the interior.
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