Check out a teardrop that will light up your life with its multifunctional back hatch

The Ellen custom teardrop trailer from Juno Custom Teardrops is a shining light in the darkness – literally! The lighting systems on this trailer are outstanding, and we're not just talking about the interior.
One of the best things about this model is that a lot of its features come standard with no extra fee, making this one of the more inexpensive models from the company. It's truly gorgeous, so let's take a peek and see what it has to offer.
Additional storage in the front is one of the custom options you can request.
The owners of this Ellen model have used that front storage for the deep cycle battery that comes with the trailer. It powers all of the amenities and outlets, so it's nice to have a special space for it rather than having to stash it in your vehicle or the interior.
Inside the trailer, there's ample space for a full-size mattress. You can add wall-mounted shelves as well that stretch to the full width of the interior.
The galley has a really cool feature that fisherman will appreciate. A slide-out cutting board gives you a spot to clean and prepare fish, or you could use it for other meal preparation tasks. Custom options for the galley include a mounted and centered microwave, as well as a slide-out Coleman cooler.
Are you going fishing at night? No worries! The trunk hatch has lighting built in to illuminate the galley and the area around the trailer.
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