Check out this seemingly average teardrop: It transforms completely with one simple move

Teardrops are great trailers because of their tiny size - but one company is taking the idea even further. Wombat Conversions has created this little fellow that pops open to give owners more space than ever before - despite its extra tiny appearance.
Wombat Conversions does this by installing a canvas hitch that pulls open - giving those inside much more space, and even room to walk around. And just because this teardrop isn't decked out in the traditional style doesn't mean it's lacking in creative storage space either.
You've got to check out this teardrop for yourself! Take the tour below.
This little teardrop goes from flat and functional to tall and roomy. With just a few adjustments this teardrop trailer gives you ample headroom and makes for the perfect retreat after a long day on the road.
What's also great about these teardrops is that since they are small and low to the ground, they're ideal for towing behind old cars, hot rods, small cars, and even trikes.
Look at all the space inside this little teardrop! We adore how the canvas sides have windows to let in a fresh breeze, and how the pop-up roof makes you forget you're even inside such a small little trailer.
If you were wondering where all that creative storage was - here it is. By simply pulling the bed up you have access to deep, roomy drawers you can fill with household essentials and gear for all your adventures.
There's even more storage space outside this little teardrop. Drawers have been built right into the frame for extra storage and easy access.
Also, take a look: from here you can see just how compact this teardrop really is. Once the roof is down this trailer can easily be stored in a garage or shed until you're ready for your next big exploration.
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