Rediscover the outdoors with a hand-built teardrop – the craftsmanship within is extraordinary

Infatuated with the beautiful teardrop design and the idea of small and simple travel, Ed Wilson decided to take on his own teardrop trailer project. With no prior experience, but plenty of pure passion, Wilson created his very own teardrop from top to bottom.
The teardrop is constructed out of beautifully stained wood inside and out - and the attention to detail is almost manic. Each part of this trailer is meticulously designed and cared for, and it's apparent even from a distance. Take the time to check out this beautiful trailer and piece of art.
It looks as if it could have just rolled off a well-oiled assembly line. But in fact, Ed built this teardrop from base to hatch - and the entire thing looks spectacular. We love the choice in dark, rich wood as well as the incredible craftsmanship that went into it.
The inside is lined in perfectly positioned stained wood, giving this teardrop a cozy, cabin feel. We also love how Ed has added two doors with windows for easy ways in and out of the beautiful little trailer.
The inside is just as meticulously designed as the outside of the teardrop. Check out the detail on those cabinets. And yes - that's a built-in stereo system. The bottom of the cabinets also pulls out as a stand for your laptop for late-night movie watching.
Finally, take a look at this beautiful kitchenette in the hatch. It comes fully equipped with an ice chest and a working sink. There's also plenty of storage built in for all your food and cooking supplies.
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