Slip inside this cozy teardrop: Its able to squeeze in every essential feature and more

Teardrop trailers are known for their convenience. You can hitch one to the back of your car and easily take it anywhere you're brave enough to adventure. No setup, no extra time -- just a lovely place to rest your head instead of a tent or a big bulky camper.
What we tend to miss about a big camper, though, are the amenities. Fortunately, T@B has come to the rescue. Their teardrop trailers provide all the convenience you'd expect with all the luxuries you never knew were possible. This trailer doesn't just have a place to sleep -- it has a fully functioning kitchen and bath. Take the tour and explore this incredible little space for yourself. You're not going to believe they fit it all inside.
There's a fully functioning kitchen inside this teardrop. Outside kitchens are typical for teardrop models, but it's a real luxury to see one inside that has all the appliances you need. This kitchen is stocked with a sink, fridge and stovetop for all your culinary endeavors.
Sit around the banquette and eat your delicious meal. Ample room lets you squeeze a few people in, and a window lets you stare at your beautiful destination outside.
Now this is the most amazing part of this trailer: a fully functioning bathroom. If you thought having an indoor kitchen was a selling point, this will make you snatch it up in a heartbeat.
This teardrop is outfitted with a roomy shower and a toilet, so there's no need to use the public ones at the campsite or resort to going near a tree.
If you're wondering where the bed is amidst all these luxurious amenities, here it is. The banquette folds down into a big bed to rest your weary body. We love how the banquette and bed are multifunctional because it continues to maximize the tiny but incredibly wonderful space this teardrop offers.
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