Return to your roots with this minimalist teardrop trailer for the traditional camper

They say the simple life is best. There are minimal complications, and everything just seems easier. For those who want a hassle-free camping experience, choosing instead to opt for tradition over modern conveniences, the Do-Drop teardrop trailer is the way to go.
Oregon Trail'R has come out with a lightweight, simplistic teardrop trailer that has everything you need and nothing more. You won't find any fancy kitchenettes or Blu-ray entertainment centers on this cool character; you'll have a roof over your head, a place to sleep, and that's it!
The average weight for a Do-Drop model is only 550 lbs, but additional options can boost that figure up to around 700+ lbs. Still, that's a heck of a lot lighter than your average teardrop trailer.
Additions to the base model can be tacked on from the ala-carte menu, such as the sideboard pictured here. It's perfect for perching your drink on or holding a small cooktop.
Here's a look at the bare bones interior. You'll see that you have little more than some shelving and a standard mattress that can sleep up to two people. The trailer does have an air vent, but no entertainment center, speakers or other electronic accessories.
All you'll have is you, a willing companion, and the great outdoors. It's a peaceful notion, really. What could be better than knowing you don't have to depend on high-tech accessories to enjoy camping? That's the sense of freedom you'll feel with the Do-Drop trailer.
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